All about the TheatreFragile company

TheatreFragile Street Mask Theatre, Berlin

TheatreFragile is researching new theatrical forms. The Berlin theatre company’s productions intertwine dramatic and fine arts with documentary theatre through a combination of mask performance, walk-through art installations, documentary research and fictional narrative.
For each presentation in a different town or region, the team begins with getting to know individuals who closely relate to the chosen theme.

After a research and rehearsal period, the sound collage and installation are adapted to the performance location and the group of interviewees, therefore giving the interviews, objects, texts and songs a more personal significance.
TheatreFragile seeks a new vocabulary that can unite the magic of mask play with the direct audience contact of street theatre. They are fascinated by the various levels of play between distance and proximity, everyday life and the poetic universe of theatre. Through subtle mask play, TheatreFragile stays in an agile awareness and alertness –listening and reacting with moments of suspension and empathy.
A playfulness with the audience and an invitation to come closer to see and listen to the treasures of the installation give TheatreFragile productions opportunities to share and interact with individuals as well as the group at large.
Currently in the company’s repertoire are three devised works and the fourth one is “Home”.

Artistic Direction: Luzie Ackers and Marianne Cornil

Links to partners, supports and sponsors:

New Yorker, Stiftung Fritz Knapp

Musische Akademie, Braunschweig

CJD, Die Chancengeber, Braunschweig

Stiftung Braunschweigischer Kulturbesitz

Fonds Darstellende Künste

La Strada, Graz

InSitu, European Network for Street Art / Europäische Kommission

Kulturteam Detmold, European Street Theater Festival

Theaterhaus Mitte, Berlin

bmu, Stiftung für Bevölkerung, Migration und Umwelt


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